Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bill 113 - Critical Amendment Com #393.68

Aloha e kakou:

The first hearing of Bill 113, Draft 2, at full Council ended at 10:30pm, Tuesday Oct. 15, and has been recessed to 1:00 pm Oct. 16.  Testimony was concluded and discussion on the bill and several amendments will now take place.

On Oct. 15, Councilmember Wille introduced an amendment to Draft 2.  Communication 393.68 has added in the Findings section that “Council finds that policies relating to ag practices are most appropriate to be determined by each county…”

Comm 393.68 also adds an Emergency Exemption that would allow growers to apply to Council to use a GMO remedy if their crop or plants are being harmed by a plant pestilence.  The exemption would be for 5 years with possibility of renewal.

GMO corn continues to be exempted in these new versions.

The bill is essentially being gutted by Comm 393.68, and being turned into a “GMO permission bill.” This is a loophole and the Emergency Exemption could be applied by Councils with differing political agendas and views on agricultural practices on the Big Island.  You can't have healthy soil, food, communities and people by continuing to use crops that destroy life. 

Please email Councilmember Wille to remove this dangerous Emergency Exemption.  After this first round of voting by the full Council takes place, a final round will be scheduled.  Please act now.
P.S.  Kauai County Council has passed Bill 2491 to control biotech pesticides, 6-1 !!

Mahalo for your continued support.
GMO-Free Hawaii Island

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