Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bill 113 - Final Hearing Recessed Com #393.166

Bill 113 for GMO prohibition on Hawaii island was recessed at 6:30pm and will continue in 2 weeks, on Tuesday, November 19th, at 9 am in Kona & all satellite centers. Public testimony will continue for those who signed up and did not have time today. This is a continuation, so those who already spoke will not be able to testify again.

COM #393.166 was distributed to councilmembers upon, Chair J Yoshimoto's arrival at 5:16pm, and can be viewed online:

The proposed amendments where not on today's agenda, and the public did not have the opportunity to review the communication prior to today's session. When the Council begins their discussion, councilmember Yoshimoto will have an opportunity to introduce his amendment to the council. If the council accepts his amendment the public will have another opportunity to testify (on draft 4) -- prolonging the hearing.

We will provide a more in-depth summary shortly.
Mahalo for standing with us.

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