Friday, July 19, 2013

GMO Free Zone Project

As part of challenging the contaminating, corrupt and toxic GMO food revolution brought to us by Monsanto and friends, we offer the "GMO-FREE ZONE" project.

Any willing Big Island farmer, gardener, homeowner or business person can decide their personal intention to reject the current genetic food paradigm and post a "GMO-FREE ZONE" sign in public so that our combined message is clear.

The other major Hawaiian islands essentially had no choice and are basically non-consenting hosts to a toxic industry shrouded in secrecy. We must stop the tidal wave of propitiatory food types heading our way (such as the GMO corn already being grown for silage in O'okala, that feed cows at Big Island Dairy).

We all eat and almost everything real about the food takeover is hidden in lies, secrecy, and disdain for environmental and human health- while state and federal governments stand complicit with this agenda. Change will only come from the grassroots and we can do it!

Information below is needed for your web page which will be posted on GMO Free Hawaii Island's website under the GMO Free Zone Project.

  1. Title - your farm, home, business, organization or garden name
  2. Town it is in and after it please put ….Hawaii Island
  3. Picture - take a picture with the GMO-Free Zone sign (or your own hand-made GMO Free Zone sign) posted prominently with you, your family, extended family, associates, your pets, livestock or whatever works to make it your personal visual statement. (The photo should be in color - Please email it as a Jpeg or file.)
  4. Names of those in picture in the proper order in which they appear in the picture.
  5. GMO statement - your current, thoughts, feelings etc. about GMO’s, general or specific about Hawai‘i Island - your choice but not too long please, (120-180 words seems to fit nicely on our web page - please be pono).
  6. (Optional) - A Brief personal, farm, business, or organization connection/ description. You could also add products or services you offer and if you would like your contact information to appear please add it here.
  7. Include your email or phone contact in case we have questions (we will not share this or print it unless you have indicated it in line item 6. ).
  8. Would you like to be on our email listserve? (Please circle) YES NO
Your page will be one of the hundreds (or more!) that will make a powerful visual and spoken statement demonstrating the great personal rejection of the current GMO food conspiracy descending on Hawai‘i Island.

GMOFreeHawaiiIsland@gmail.comJust email the words and the picture (in jpeg format), we will format the page like the example on the front.

 Regular Mail: Send the photo and all the information to;
Geoff Rauch - P.O. Box 327 - Pahoa, HI 96778

Remember this will be public! You will be keeping great company!
Extra signs are available for $3. Contact Geoff at 756-5310

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